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Design Fair

San Francisco, CA

Your style in 3 words:

Fun, fresh, innovative.

Who is your design icon and why?

Kelly Wearstler - she’s fearless; the definition of a tastemaker!

If you were a piece of furniture what would you be and why?

A kitchen island because that’s where all the action happens.


Describe a recent project:

Our very first Tastemaker project was a cocktail-worthy living room with striped wallpaper, a bold plum-colored sectional, and white lacquer accents. He loved steampunk and the clothing store Desigual, and she loved quirky antiques and furniture-as-art, so the space was a perfect mix of their personalities.

Interior Design Fair creates unique, custom-tailored environments that showcase our clients’ personal styles and improve the comfort and function of the spaces in which they live and work. Our team-based approach allows us to combine our individual strengths with your preferred aesthetic to fulfill a shared vision for your space. With a range of expertise in interior design and other fields including graphic design, furniture design, organization, fashion, and floral design, our creative reach is boundless. Kassin Laverty, our Founder & Executive Director, launched IDF after working at several top Bay Area design firms including Kendall Wilkinson Design & Home, Steven Miller Design Studio, and Jeffers Design Group. She studied Interior Design and Interior Architecture at U.C. Berkeley.

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Living Room Masculine Dark Wood Living Room
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Living Room Traditional Formal Living Room French Rococo Transitional Eclectic
Living Room Contemporary Traditional Seating Area
Living Room Eames Open Dining Room
Living Room Modern Panton Chair Dining Area
Living Room Shabby Chic Vintage Table Living Room
Living Room Modern Reclaimed Cabinet Decorative Accessories
Living Room Modern Hide Rug Living Room Transitional Eclectic Hollywood Glam
Living Room Antique Fireplace Living Room
Living Room Modern Yellow Pop Living Room Mid-Century Modern Eclectic Transitional
Dining Room Cottage French Dining Room
Dining Room Traditional Vintage Furniture Dining Room
Dining Room Contemporary Wall Art Dining Room
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Dining Room Rustic Eames Chairs Dining Room
Kitchen Reclaimed Wood Island
Office Bookshelf Design
Office Decorative Accessories
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