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San Francisco, CA

Why use a designer?

Designers help keep you focused, provide experience from past projects, encourage you to experiment with color, texture, and space planning in ways you would not have imagined. And when it comes to my personal philosophy, they help to create the space that represents those who inhabit it.

You are best known for:

Creating spaces that tell a story.

Your style in 3 words:

Balanced, Intriguing, Warm.


What is your number one design tip?

Try something you swore you weren’t going to!

Kristin has been inspired by architects, designers and artists from around the world. She is a passionate traveler, writer, and cook, who believes that exposing oneself to new experiences is essential to maintaining a fresh outlook on design.
Her formal training includes interior design at Pratt Institute in New York as well as furniture design at Danmark’s Designskole. Over the course of her career Kristin has worked with furniture companies, like Restoration Hardware and From the Source to curate visual brand directives, tradeshows, products, events and spaces. She also loves the personal interaction and collaboration of working with private clients on residences and commercial spaces.
Kristin is a firm believer in the architect Louis Sullivan’s philosophy, “form follows function” and designs spaces that are honest. She strives to create meaningful, functional, and stylish spaces. Designing something that is warm and inviting is key for Kristin, as she wants people to feel relaxed and welcome in any space she creates.

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Living Room Reclaimed Wood Wall Shelf
Living Room Reclaimed Wood Decorative Accessories
Living Room Reclaimed Wood Seating
Living Room From The Source ICFF
Living Room Modern Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table
Living Room Wood Folding Beach Chair
Living Room ICFF Showroom Reclaimed Wood
Living Room Tufted Leather Sofa Living Room
Living Room Contemporary White Sofa Living Room
Living Room Retail Collective Show_Fixture
Living Room Retail Collective Show Rustic Vingette Wood Art
Living Room Contemporary Small Apartment Living Room
Living Room Exotic Mid Century Modern Seating Area Farmhouse Shabby Chic Minimalist
Living Room Aviator Egg Chair Living Room Industrial
Living Room Reclaimed Wood Interior Design
Living Room Fireplace Mirror Orange Mantle
Living Room Seating Gold Lamp Artwork Red Blue Eclectic Farmhouse
Living Room Dog Fireplace Mirror Painting
Living Room Vintage Light Fixture
Living Room Fireplace Bold Color Artwork Seating Farmhouse Eclectic
Dining Room Clean Masculine Hightop Table Kitchen
Dining Room Modern Reclaimed Wood Large Dining Table
Dining Room Vintage Inspired Colored Wood Wire Chairs
Dining Room FTS Conference Room Reclaimed Wood Art Table
Dining Room Rustic Table Dining Lemons Mismatched Chairs
Dining Room Dining Seating Rustic Mixing Styles
Bedroom Retail Collective Show Shelving Driftwood Mannequin
Bedroom Italian Iron Canopy Bed
Bedroom Modern Industrial Seating Area Wingback Chair Farmhouse